Beijing YueCheng Law Firm Curriculum Vitae of the founder

    Yue Cheng lawyer,the director of Beijing Yue Cheng Law Firm, University education, party member of the Communist Party of China, a state first-class lawyer, started to work as a lawyer in 1980. During the two decades of his lawyer career, Yue Cheng dealt with over one thousand cases of various types.

    In 1995, he was selected as one of the first “10 National Best Lawyers”.

    In 1998, he was found to be the best known lawyer in Beijing by a survey, which was conducted by Lingdian Survey Company entrusted by the Justice Bureau of Beijing Municipality.

    In 2001, CCTV broadcast a special report “Yue Cheng – One of the First ‘10 National Best Lawyers’” at its “Eastern Space·the Son of the East” program.

    In 2002, the Justice Bureau of Beijing Municipality granted him “Outstanding Contribution Award.”

    In 2005, he was choosen as the ten sincere talents in China.

    He was appointed by the Law School of Peking University and the Law School of Qinghua University as a part-time advisor for Master degree law students and by Jilin University as an adjunct Professor.

    Yue Cheng lawyer engaged in the work of lawyer for more than 20 years, and dealt with over one thousand cases of various types. Among these cases, the powerful important case is as follows, Qin Baoshan was sued the case of neglecting one’s duties in the fire disaster of Daxing'an Mountainrange, Chen Yuanbin ,who was the former author of movie----, sued reputation right case, < Workers Daily> was sued infringe and review case, Xu Shuhua, who was the author of ’ lyric, sued the case of infringing of copyright.

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